Flexibility Neon Net

Flexibility Neon Net



Flexibility neon net EL wire  
November 16, 2014
Specifications: Feature: Night shine new unique, appearance is analogous fish reticulate, can flex bended, switch on behind can whole body shine, and can have dynamic state twinkle, shine fine and smooth gentle, hang use convenience, safety save energy, have not thermal radiation bring forth, Application domain: Pull spend in the sky, shopwindow adornment, tree night shine, building wall, irradiance pen, festival, car boat adornment open country Technology target: Specification:0.25 M x 16 M 0.4 M x 8 M 1.3 M x 1.7 M Mesh:0.05m x 0.05 M diameter of wire 0.002m Weight:0.7-0.5kg power:40w Color: Is red, blue, green, yellow, clear, orange come up to many color Burning-in life 1000 hour, Condition: Twinkles, always light Drive power supply: Dc12v, ac220v, weight 0.4kg boundary dimensions 0.11x0.06x0.07m Wrapping paper box:0.32x0.45x0.54(m)15 sum of/box Special size is discussed separately Shanghai kerune phosphor technology co. Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and manufacturing various kinds of phosphor material and display products in Shanghai, China. Making full use of science and technology advantage of China academy of sciences in the field of optoelectronics techniques, kpt co. Has held over 20 patents and developed relating amount of products, the following is our main products: Name model color description Electroluminescent phosphor(el phosphor) d512s green particle size:9, used for glass panel, EL wire d512cd502b green, blue-green average particle size:29, used for plastic panel, enamel panel d447bd310b blue, white EL display paste, media power colorless, transparent for lighting and media layers, printing EL wire el- w multi color diameter 1.0 - 5.0mm, length 1-100m Up-conversion phosphoranti-stokes h718 red suitable for kinds of anti-counterfeit printing ink h932, h813 green, blue particle size:0.04 - 50, excitation frequencies 980nm Ir sensor card ht red, blue, green, yellow, white efficient excitation wavelength 800nm-1600nm paper card, plastic, glass, ceramic, iron plate etc. Long afterglow photoluminescent phosphor c530 green afterglowing time:8 - 15hrs,3 - 5hrsparticle size:30-50 c480 blue Phosphor for displays x541 green crt projective tube x401 blue vfd, fed, CRT x651, x421 red, blue pdp x511, x621 green, red fed x431, x552 yellow, green blue color LED transfers to white, green color X-ray phosphor s546 green x-ray display, detection, sensitization Non-hydrargyric lamp phosphor z360z365 white, ultraviolet special lamp phosphor material KPT Payment Terms: L/C Certification(s): ce


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